We do what We love

IBConcepT creates luxury residential interiors. Wisely mixing international and made in Italy furniture labels along with upcoming designers’ pieces, prestigious antiques and extremely rare vintage cabinets, this studio is always aiming at exquisite arrangements for his worldwide customers. Projects draw inspiration from the location, the architectural context and the client’s desires, interest and lifestyle. As to achieve the finest quality IBConcepT gathers the best home professionals: artisans, technicians and suppliers working synergistically together in order to deliver custom made projects.

Each IBConcepT project stages furniture, accessories, textiles and premium quality materials in order to transform the customers’ desires into real homes. The studio also offers innovative facilities like the Interior Design Personal Shopper.

IBConcepT team’s motto is simple and straightforward: We do what We love. Driven by passion, expertise and commitment, his team, do not promote a signature and recognizable style but works on providing clients with the personal and unique home they have always dreamt about.

Home Interior Design

Providing interior design, restorations and refurbishments projects, IBConcepT work tailored oriented from sketch to realization, selecting and involving the best home professional, from artisans to suppliers.

The Home Interior Design service offers a wide scale of works for those who require redesigning spaces and furnishing. Starting from masonry work, IBConcepT Team accomplish each client’s style and dreams delivering exquisite interiors and picking the perfect furniture, custom made as well, textiles, antiques, vintage and art. By using sustainable practice while designing and decorating, IBC team are always looking for eco-friendly ideas.

Each project involves the best and most experienced home professionals, carefully selected according to customer’s needs and requires. The interior design team invest a large amount of time in establishing a strong relation with talented craftspeople, artisans and designer-makers.

IBConcepT takes on each project with an individual approach thinking about the property’s strengths and the wholeness. Virtual vision technology and rendering allow the customer to savour his dream home just from sketch.


When forging an interior, the purpose is to achieve luxurious areas crafted on the client’s lifestyle and taste. Combining design masterpieces with antiques and collectables, IBConcept brings his customers an individual and tailored home that is purely unique.

Outdoor Design

IBConcepT projects and delivers rooftop terraces, gardens, orangeries and “jardin d’hiver”, planning and managing spaces and places, sourcing plants and flowers and providing outdoor furniture, lighting and styling elements.


According to today’s landscape architecture trends, IBC team team forge outdoor living spaces that brings the indoor outside, transforming terraces and gardens into en-plen-air rooms conceived to relax and well-being.

In outdoor designing the client’s vision and dreams always come first. IBConcepT traces a detailed site analysis and draws up the design tailored to the garden- terrace’s strengths. Once approved, the design is developed into a workstream commended to a small selection of professional landscapers.

For the Studio not two gardens, or terraces, are the same and neither two clients want the same landscape. Listening carefully to what customers ask for in terms of function, design and planting is the key to shape amazing green living space to be fully enjoyed. Mixing design outdoor sun-and-water-resistant furniture with antiques and vintage rare garden items provides something exquisite and unique. Luxurious, luxuriant and easy to maintain, IBConcept outdoors celebrate architecture, design and lifestyle.

Home Restyling & Renovation

IBConcepT’s talented team have a reputation for transforming interior spaces through creative and efficient projects that don’t require architectural changes and masonry works. A range of on a budget, quicker and less expensive solutions bringing new style and look to properties.

Home Restyling and Renovation service is addressed to those looking for a quick home makeover also ideal for holiday homes, rentals and on sale houses and commercial properties. From picking a new colour for the living room to sourcing the perfect lights to enhance a drab nook, from making a more suitable furniture arrangement to find out the perfect spatial design or updating an oldie kitchen with a new trendy top: restyling and renovation is a matter of details and fit the client’s budget.

Thanks to a rich network of niche contacts – small workshops, fine antiques dealers, art advisors- IBConcepT can present a property in its best light. Styling is a powerful wand that can uncover the potential of every property.

Interior Design Personal Shopper

The interior design personal shopping service helps customers to achieve the best and quickest result for their interior design projects. IBConcepT personal shoppers offer a styling support in sourcing furniture, accessories, antiques, artworks, textiles and everything to get the perfect house. They do also assist in researching top quality environment-friendly materials and in collecting the best quotes.

The service starts with a good chat to set down needs and tastes, brainstorming ideas that really suite the client’s desires. The customer will then spend time browsing from shop to shop with one of IBConcepT personal shoppers, in a tailored itinerary planned to match style, budget and timescale.

Super busy people, with no time to indulge in shopping, doesn’t have to worry about anything. The Interior Design Personal Shopper  will pick things on their behalf, visiting furniture showrooms, looking for and calling the best suppliers, gathering samples everything on budget and according to the interior design project.

The Interior Design Personal Shopping service will appeal to full interior design service seekers and also to those looking for new items in their home. A bespoken furniture, vintage chairs artistically re-upholstered or the upcoming street artist’s pieces, for example. Purchases will be then harmoniously placed in the existing décor.

Art for Interior & Design Masterpieces

IBConcepT guides his client in discovering great contemporary artworks, carefully selected according to the interior design’s style and budget. Paintings, sculptures and installations are sourced from the best international artists, on the basis of their career and relevance in the art system in order to turn them into good investments.

The Art for Interior & Design Masterpiece service aims at creating a home gallery where the owners can feel and live in their private spaces the same vibe and atmosphere of the greatest galleries and exhibitions. Thanks to the partnership with a very valued and expert Italian gallerist and the deep and personal connection with upcoming and famous artists, IBC provides the perfect artwork, even bespoken.

Along with art, IBConcepT projects include design objects, renowned vintage furniture, collectable iconic design masterpieces, unique and prestigious antiques, all picked according to the client’s desires and blended into the interior design setting.

Clients’ passions and tastes are interpreted through the relation between art with antiques, furniture and textile shaping innovative and exquisite interiors for a better and stylish way of life.

Materials & Details

When projecting a house, IBConcepT is deeply focused on sourcing the best top-quality materials and details charmingly melted in the project’s flow and style. The Studio is exquisitely environment-friendly, using biological concrete, breathable and hi-tech mortars and varnishes. Old and ancient materials, and items, are carefully picked and recovered to shape lovely and intimate living spaces.

Let’s start a new project together

We at IBConcepT like to say: “You don’t choose your interior designer, you meet your interior designer”.

As you have met and fall in love with your house, now it’s time to meet who is going to create something unique that perfectly suits your space and match your style.

Please get in touch to start a new amazing project together. We are looking forward to work with you!